Customize Your Videos With Over 100 Text Animations

4-in-1 Bundle Including: Text Essentials, Titles, Explainer & Hand Drawn Text Animations

Text is a big part of any video. In fact you can create a full video with nothing but text. To help you add awesome looking text to your videos, I put together this special Text Animations Bundle.

You can add these text animations next to your character or spokesperson. Use them in explainer videos. Create sales videos and VSLs, and much more.

Let me show you all the different text animations you get…

4-in-1 Text Animations Bundle

Title Text

Explainer Text

Essential Text

Hand Drawn Text

Animated Titles (for Hitfilm Express)

Make Your Text POP With These Big Bold Title Text Animations

With these text animations you get BIG BOLD text. It’s a great way to make certain important points stand out. You can use them for headlines, titles, chapter names, or any other occasion where you want to make your text POP.

Explainer Text Animations (for Hitfilm Express)

Explain In Style With This Set Of Modern Explainer Text Animations

Plain text is boring. Make your text more fun, exciting, and engaging with these explainer text animations. 

You’ll get 20 different text presets in all kinds of different layouts and animation types.

Essential Text Animations (for Camtasia)

Essential Text Animations Suitable For Any Type of Video

With this set you will get all of the essential text animations that can be used for pretty much any video.

You’ll get headlines, text in boxes, quotes, multiple lines of text, and much more.

Text With Hand Drawn Elements (for Camtasia)

Give Your Text A Personal Touch With Hand Drawn Elements

This set of text animations is all about adding some hand drawn elements to your videos. 

Each text animations comes with some sort of hand drawn element like an underline, circle, arrow, checkmark, call to action, and more.

These text animations are great for whiteboard videos, VSLs and sales videos, or any other occasion when you want to add a hand drawn feel to your video.

Here Is What You Get

Editable Templates For Hitfilm Express

The “Title Text Animations” and “Explainer Text Animations” in this product are created for a free video editor called Hitfilm Express. If you don’t know what Hitfilm Express is, it’s a fully featured video editor that’s similar to After Effects – only it’s free and easier to use.

If you don’t have Hitfilm Express installed yet, I will show you where to download it and how to use it to edit my templates.

If you don’t want to or can’t use Hitfilm Express, you can still use all of the assets with any other video editor (you just won’t be able to edit the templates).

Editable Templates For Camtasia

The “Essential Text Animations” and “Hand Drawn Text Animations” are created for Camtasia. So you will need Camtasia installed on your computer to edit them.

Commercial / Developer Licence Included

With this license you can use these assets on your own commercial projects and projects you create for clients. You can also use the assets in unlimited number of projects. 

There Is No Risk On Your Part

If you’re hesitant for any reason, or you’re not sure if this product will work for you, you’re covered with this guarantee. Try it absolutely Risk Free for 30 full days, and if you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get your money back.

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