Add Pixar Quality Animated 3D Character To Your Projects

Copy & Paste This Character Straight Into Your Video & Websites

Meet Dave, the super high quality character you can use in your videos websites eCovers graphics

Ever wanted to have a Pixar quality character in your projects? Well, now you can!

This character has been hand crafted by a professional animator and is very high detail. Just take a look at the quality for yourself.

Use With Your Favorite App

The character comes in industry standard formats compatible with pretty much every video & graphics app

Add Character To Real World Locations (use with ANY video footage)

Yes, you can add this character on top of any stock video or video footage you shot yourself.

The character comes with alpha channel transparency where the background has been removed. That means you can add him on top of any background and he will blend in smoothly.

Different Poses & Actions Included

The character comes with the most useful actions and poses that blend seamlessly into each other. For example you can create your own storyline where the character does a certain pose at just the right time you want it to appear.

Here Is What You Get

Ready-To-Use Assets Compatible With Pretty Much Everything

The assets come in industry standard formats which are compatible with pretty much every graphics editor, video editor, website builder, etc.. So no matter where you want to use these assets, you’ll be able to add them to your projects without a problem.

MOV with Alpha Channel video files are really high quality with a transparent background, allowing you to add them on top of any other video.

Green Background MP4 Files – Certain MP4 video files come with a green background which you can remove to make them transparent.

Transparent PNG – The background has been removed from these images, so you can seamlessly add them on top of any other design.

Editable Templates For Hitfilm Express

The templates in this product are created for a free video editor called Hitfilm Express. If you don’t know what Hitfilm Express is, it’s a fully featured video editor that’s similar to After Effects – only it’s free and easier to use.

If you don’t have Hitfilm Express installed yet, I will show you where to download it and how to use it to edit my templates.

If you don’t want to or can’t use Hitfilm Express, you can still use all of the assets with any other video editor (you just won’t be able to edit the templates).


Bonus: Animated Window Mockup

Put anything you want inside the window and then put the window itself on any background image. 

Bonus: Color Gradient Motion Backgrounds

Collection of modern and clean animated gradient backgrounds in different colors. These backgrounds have a subtle animation where the color gradient moves around.

Bonus: Animated Business Icons

This is a set of clean flat style animated icons that illustrate various “business” concepts. Use them in explainer videos, presentations, sales videos, websites, graphics projects, and more.

Bonus: Smooth Wavy  Shapes Animated Background

This animated background has a very clean and subtle animation. It’s very versatile and can be used for all kinds of different videos projects.

Bonus: Paper Lower Third

Add a crumpled up paper lower third to your videos. You can position this lower third anywhere you want, use it for titles, chapter introductions, etc..

Bonus: Old TV 3D Animation

This is a 3D animation of a retro TV rotating in different angles. The screen flashes with some animated noise, and you can put anything you want inside the screen.

Bonus: Business Man Character

This business cartoon character comes in 10 different poses. You get PNG and SVG files (you can scale the SVGs to any size).

Bonus: Animated 3D Arrows

This is a set of animated 3D arrows. The arrows come in tons of different sizes, shapes and animations.

Bonus: Business Man Character Style 2

This character comes in 10 different poses and in SVG and PNG file formats. The SVG graphics can be scaled to any size.

Bonus: Animated 3D CTA Phrases

Give your viewers a call to action like “Join Now”, “Subscribe Now”, “Try It Free”, and more. These animated phrases can go on top of any video.

Bonus: Big Head Business Characters

This is a set business characters in multiple different poses. You get a man and woman character. Each character comes with PNG and PSD files.

Bonus: Rendered Room Backgrounds

Put the animated character or yourself into different 3D rendered room environments.

Commercial / Developer Licence Included

With this license you can use these assets on your own commercial projects and projects you create for clients. You can also use the assets in unlimited number of projects. 

There Is No Risk On Your Part

If you’re hesitant for any reason, or you’re not sure if this product will work for you, you’re covered with this guarantee. Try it absolutely Risk Free for 30 full days, and if you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get your money back.

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Most frequent questions and answers

No. This product is a collection of done-for-you video and graphics assets in MP4, MOV, and PNG formats. Plus Hitfilm Express templates.

The assets are ready to use. All you have to do is import them into your favorite video or graphics app. You will need just the basic knowledge of how to import media into your app of choice.

No. The assets come in industry standard formats (MP4 , MOV, PNG). So they can be used with pretty much any video or graphics app that allows to import those file formats.

You get Unlimited-Use Commercial License. Which means you can use the assets in as many projects as you want. For yourself or for your clients.

Yes. There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get your money back.