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Ultimate Video Toolkit - Assets Mega Bundle

The cool thing about the Ultimate Video Toolkit templates, is that you can import your own images, videos, and other “assets” into the templates. For example in the “Fashion Store Promo” template, you can replace the woman’s clothing images with images of electronics… and boom you have a electronics store video.

With the offer on this page you will get a MASSIVE library of premium quality video graphics assets. This Massive Vault will give you all the assets you need for your videos.

Most of these assets are original and custom made (NOT public domain). I go out and hire top 3D animators and graphics designers to create unique content for me. There are literally $1,000’s worth in content here. Let me show you what you get…

Animated Objects & Icons

This module contains all kinds of animated objects and icons for your videos, in tons of different styles. You can easily drag and drop these assets straight into your templates.

HD Video Footage

And much more…

3D Animated Objects & Icons

This module contains 3D animated objects, icons, and animations. These type of 3D animations are hard to create, and are not cheap. I work with several freelance 3D animators, and they charge me $50 to several hundred bucks per 1 set of 3D animations. With this module you’ll get over 25 sets of 3D animations. So this module alone cost me several thousand dollars to put together = BIG savings for you 🙂

Cinematic Motion Backgrounds

This module contains all kinds of really cool looking “cinematic” motion backgrounds. These animations are sure to grab attention. You can use them as backdrops in your video templates. Or just add some text to them, and you have a cool video ready to go.

Abstract Motion Backgrounds

This is another module of motion backgrounds, but these ones have more subtle animations. They come in all kinds of different styles and colors. These are also great as backdrops for your videos.

Curated Niche Photos For 65+ Top Niches

You can import your own images into the Ultimate Video Toolkit templates. So to help you with that, I put together this big library of curated images for 65+ top niches. Each niche folder contains 5-10 images and most also come with a transparent PNG image.

Video Script VoiceOvers for 50 Top Niches

Having just 1 video script written can cost anywhere from $25 to $100+. Having just 1 voice over recorded can cost $20-$50. To save you a time and money, I put together a bundle of 50 voice overs reading a video script, for 50 top niches.

The voice overs were recorded using text-to-speech engine (powered by Google), and they sound really high quality. To check out the quality of the voice overs, click on the video to the left.

This wedding voice over is just one of the 50 voice overs provided. Each voice over reads a professionally written script, and is between 30-50 seconds long.

The voice overs are in MP3 format, so you can use them in ANY video editor.

You Get Voice Overs For All These Niche Topics…

Asphalt Paving
Auto Detailing
Auto Mechanic
Car Dealership
Car Insurance Agent
Carpet Cleaner
Chimney Replacement
Dentist – Children
Dentist – Cosmetic
Dog Grooming
Fitness Center
Hair Salon

Home Insurance Agent
Home Remodeling
House Painter
Interior Decorator
Landscape Architect
Lasik Eye Surgeon
Lawn Care
Lawyer – Bankruptcy
Lawyer – Corporate
Lawyer – Divorce
Lawyer – Personal Injury
Limo Service
Massage Therapy
Nail Salon

Personal Trainer
Pest Control
Plastic Surgeon
Pool Builder
Pool Cleaning Service
Real Estate
Travel Agency
Wedding Photograher
Wedding Planner
Window Cleaning Service
Window Replacement Service
And more…

Sound Effects For Your Videos

With this module you get a big collection of over 100 most useful sound effects for your videos like:

Beep, Boing, Chime, Clang, Crack, Crash, Explosion, Flick, Glass Break, Glitch, Hit, Knock, Mouse Click, Paper Crumple, Paper Tear, Pop, Punch or Kick, Slide, Smack, and more.

These sound effects are perfect for explainer videos, text animations, transitions, etc..

Image Backgrounds

You can add a custom background to all the templates in Ultimate Video Toolkit. So I put together a collection of image backgrounds in all kinds of different styles for you to choose from.


Brick Wall


Concrete Wall

Stripe Pattern


Dark Metal Grids



Light Textures

Dark Textures

And More...

Get “Assets Mega Bundle” Upgrade For
Just a One Time Extra Payment Of…
Regular Price:  $147