The Easiest Way To Add Stunning Animations To Your Videos

No Design Experience & No Fancy 3D Animation Software Required.

Just Copy & Paste Done-For-You Animations Straight Into Your Projects!

1 Billion

Everyday people watch 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube & generate billions of views.


720,000 hours of video is uploaded every day to YouTube.


82% of global internet traffic came from video streaming and downloads in 2022.

Video is a HUGE Part Of Our Culture & It’s Only Going To Grow

The question is, how do you stand out from the millions of videos out there?

How do you grab the attention of the millions of viewers?

Make Your Videos Stand Out & Grab Attention With CopyPaste Animations

Copy & Paste Animations Into...

Intros, logos, text, VSLs, spokesperson videos, live footage videos, explainer videos, sales videos, and more.

You can make pretty much any type of video better with CopyPaste Animations.

Make Live Footage Videos Look Awesome

Copy & Paste Animations right on top of any live footage video. This can be videos you shot yourself, stock videos, or any other type of video.

Before: Plain Video

After: CopyPaste Animation

Make Text & VSLs Look Awesome

Turn plain boring text into eye catching text to emphasize certain points. This can be text in any sort of video like: VSL, explainer, sales video, animated video, video ad, etc. Basically anywhere you have some text, you can spice it up!

Before: Plain Text

After: CopyPaste Animation

Make Spokesperson Videos Look Awesome

Make your spokesperson or green screen videos more exciting. Add animated shapes to highlight certain points. Add particle effects to add style and excitement. Make your videos look magical!

Before: Plain Spokesperson or Green Screen Video

After: CopyPaste Animation

Make Logos Look Awesome

Turn plain logo images into eye popping animations. This is great for intros or outros for your videos. Tons of different animations to choose from.

Before: Plain Logo

After: CopyPaste Animation

Make Photos Look Awesome

Add animations on top of static images to bring them to life. Take literally any image, and with a few clicks make it look awesome. This is a great way to create ads or viral posts that get tons of shares.

Before: Plain Image

After: CopyPaste Animation

Add Atmosphere & Style To Your Videos

Add overlays on top of your videos to instantly give them a different mood and style

Before: Plain Video

After: CopyPaste Animation

Add Cartoon Effects To Your Videos

Add animated cartoon FX to your projects to make them look like cartoons

Before: Plain Text

After: CopyPaste Animation

Make ANY Video or Image Look Awesome

The above are just a few examples of what you can do. You can Copy & Paste the animations on top of any video or image. Create ads, viral images, invitations, Instagram stories, vertical videos, and much more. The only limit is your imagination.

How does it work?


Choose from over 200 hand crafted pro animations

Intros, outros, revealers, logo animations, particle effects, transitions, displays, and more. All custom created by professional animators, and ready to use. No editing or tech skills required from you.


Open your favorite video or graphics app

The animations come in industry standard formats that are compatible with pretty much all video editors. So you can import them into your favorite software or app.


Copy & paste animation into your project

Within your app of choice, copy and paste the animations into your projects. Place animations on top of live footage videos, text, logos, etc.. Create awesome intros, sales videos, ads, spokesperson videos, explainer videos, and more.

5 Animation Styles To Choose From

Eye Popping 3D Animations

Truly grab your viewers attention and impress your audience with 3D animations.

Clean Flat Style Animations

If you want a more sleek and minimal look, these flat style animations will do the trick.

Magical Particle Effects Animations

Make your videos look magical, without being a wizard yourself!

Overlay FX Animations

Give your videos an instant makeover with overlays

Cartoon FX Animations

Make your videos look like animated cartoons with different effects like: smoke, fire, energy, electricity, slashes, and more

Choose from 2 Industry Standard Formats

Green Screen MP4

This format makes it easy to remove the green background (chroma key) so that you can put the animation on top of any color background.

 MP4 on White or Black

If you’re not able to remove green backgrounds (chrome key) in your software, you will also get animations on a white or black background.

Save BIG over freelancers & stock footage sites

Hiring a Freelance Animator can cost in the $1,000’s

Custom animations are expensive and time consuming. First you have to find the right person. Then you have to wait for them to finish the job. Then pay them handsomely. Even websites like Fiverr have fees anywhere from $100 – $3,000+ for custom animations.

Stock Footage sites are cheaper, but the fees add up quickly

If you can’t afford to pay for custom animations, you can go to one of the stock footage sites. But expect to pay $17 here, $30 here, $10 there for individual animations… which adds up to $1,000’s over time.

Stock footage sites also charge extra for Multi-Use license

So if you want to use the assets you buy from stock footage sites in more than one project, or on clients projects… expect to pay 3x or more for an additional license.

I did all the legwork & spent $1,000’s so you don’t have to

Get 200+ Custom Made Animations with Unlimited-Use Commercial Rights For The Price Of 1

  • Over 200 stunning animations
  • Full HD 1080 Resolution
  • 3D animations, 2D animations, particle FX animations, overlay animations and cartoon FX animations
  • All animations are custom made (not CC0 or PLR)
  • $1000’s worth (real money spent on freelancers)
  • MP4 File Format (compatible with all video apps)
  • Commercial License for all animations

Special Discount!
Regular Price  $97 , Your Special Price:

CopyPaste Animations


Most frequent questions and answers

No. This product is a collection of done-for-you video animations in MP4 format. Plus image version of each animation in PNG format.

The animations are already done-for-you. All you have to do is import them into your favorite video or graphics app. You will need just the basic knowledge of how to import media into your app of choice.

No. The animations come in industry standard formats (MP4 and PNG). So they can be used with pretty much any video or graphics app that allows to import MP4 or PNG files.

To open and use the animations you need some kind of a video software that can open and import MP4 files. To open and use the image versions of the animations, you need software that opens PNG files.

You get Unlimited-Use Commercial License. Which means you can use the animations in as many projects as you want. For yourself or for your clients.

Yes. There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get your money back.