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Ultimate Video Toolkit - Deluxe

Why Upgrade to Deluxe?


Create NEW types of videos:

Unlock additional video types not available in the main product like: restaurant menus, 3D scene displays, cinematic trailer, photos slideshow, and a lot more. With more video types at your disposal, you’ll have new ways to impress your audience.


Get DOUBLE the templates:

With more templates you have more variety, and you can make your videos look different than everyone else.


Mix and Match With Main FE Templates:

You can mix and match different scenes and elements from these “Deluxe” templates, with the templates in the main offer. Giving you even more variety in the type of videos you can create.

Let Me Show You What You Get With “Deluxe”…

Clean Photos Slideshow

Show off your photos in style with this template. It has a nice clean look with soft shadows and white border. You can move the photo and text anywhere you want.

Clean Corporate Promo

A clean and elegant template to create business promo videos (can be used for any other topic, not just business).

Cloudy Slideshow

This template will give your photos a fantasy style cloudy look. A stylish and unique way to show off your photos.

Futuristic Spheres

Want to grab your viewers attention? This cool 3D animation template will do the trick.

Social Animations

Grow your social accounts by adding these social animations to your videos. Ask people to subscribe to your channel, hit the like button, follow you on Instagram, and more.

Old Paper Scroll Slideshow

Here is another eye grabbing, 3D animation template that will give your videos a vintage look. You can add images or videos inside the Old Paper Scroll.

Modern Grids Slideshow

This template has a hip, up-tempo, modern style.

3D Futuristic Tunnel

Give your videos a futuristic look inside this 3D animated tunnel.

3D Catalog Discounts Promo

Promote your products in style with this 3D Discounts Catalog. The pages will flip and reveal new discounts.

Clean & Round Business Promo

Don’t need to be too fancy? Here is another “clean” business promo templates (can also be used for ANY other type of topic, not just business).

Restaurant Menus

Show off your restaurant menus in style

Fashion Store Promo

Create “special sale” promotional videos for your online store or eCommerce business. It doesn’t matter what type of stuff you sell: clothing, accessories, tools, electronics, etc.. These templates are flexible for ANY type of store. Just replace the woman clothing images (from this demo video) with any other images, and type in your own text.

More Explainer Scenes

Explainer style videos are very popular, and they’re a great way to get a message across. You’ll be able to quickly put together explainer scenes in different styles and with different animations.

Cinematic Trailer

Add a really cool intro to your videos that looks like a cinematic movie trailer. Use any videos or images.

Glitch Slideshow

With these templates you can create modern, hip, energetic glitch style videos. Add any images, videos and text inside and watch the glitch effect get added automatically.

Business Blocks Promo

Promote your business in style with the templates. Just like the store promo templates, these business promo templates can be used for ANY business, online or offline. Just add your own business related images (or videos).

3D Scene Display Slideshows

This is a great way to display your “media”. Create fancy 3D slideshow where you display different modules of your product, or vacation pics, or whatever else.

Vintage Projector Promo

Give your videos that vintage look with this template. Drag and drop your videos or images inside, and the template will take care of the rest.

Clean Promo

Another “clean” style template, to give you more variety.

Clean Minimal Slideshow

This template creates clean and simple slideshows out of any images. Clean, simple, and looks great.

Cinematic Photos Slideshow

This template turns your static images into cinematic videos. It’s much more engaging than a static image or a simple slideshow.

Circles Promo

Promote any sort of product or service with this clean and modern looking “circles” promo template.

Flat Line Shapes Logo Reveals

Don’t need fancy effects for your logos, then these simple line shapes are the way to go. You can even mix different line shape animations together, for unique custom looks.

Simple & Clean Logo Reveals

If you want a more clean and simple way to reveal your logo, these templates are for you. Add them anywhere you want on top of your videos.

And More…

Get The Deluxe Upgrade For
Just a One Time Extra Payment Of…
Regular Price:  $197 

Ultimate Video Toolkit - Deluxe