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The Video Above Was Created 100% Using Templates From This Toolkit

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If you promoted Drag and Drop Videos V1, this new V2 release uses a new affiliate link. So you need to request a new link even if you promoted V1 before.

What is Drag & Drop Videos V2?

The core idea behind Drag & Drop Videos is to allow anyone to create After Effects quality videos, by dragging and dropping a few files, and by copying and pasting their text into placeholders.

With Drag & Drop Videos people can create almost ANY type of video, without an expensive software like After Effects, without prior video editing knowledge, and literally within just a few minutes.

This is a brand new V2 release with brand new content and templates not available in V1, plus updated and improved V1 templates.

It's already proven to sell

I released Drag and Drop Videos V1 a while back, and it converted really well. It made 6 figures in sales, and got the JvZoo “product of the day” award 3 days in a row.

Since then I’ve been improving the product and V2 is better than ever with a deeper funnel and a bundle deal added.

The New V2 Update Makes It Better Than Ever!

Drag and Drop Videos V1 was already a great product, and this new V2 update takes it to another level

BRAND NEW Template Scenes

Customers will now be able to create more video types with these new templates…

Sales Videos

Create video ads for a special sale that you’re running like: Black Friday, Weekend Special, Holiday Sale, etc.. You can easily change the text in the templates to reflect the type of sale you’re having.

Play Video
Play Video

Valentine’s Day Videos

Wish somebody you love a Happy Valentine’s day. Choose from different love themed scenes and write your own message.

3D Animations

WOW your viewers with these amazing 3D animations. Break through walls, make your footage appear inside a 3D laptop, open a 3D door to reveal your video, etc.. It’s really cool and eye popping stuff.

Play Video

Pixar Quality Animated 3D Character Videos

Ever wanted to have a Pixar quality animated character in your videos? Now you can! This template comes with a super high quality animated character doing all kinds of different poses and actions

Pre-Keyed People Scenes

With this set of templates you will get real people doing all kinds of different poses and actions. No need to mess with green screen settings, because the background has already been removed. Just copy and paste these people into your projects.

3D Cinematic Titles

Create awesome looking 3D text animations. Type in what ever text you want, using any fonts you want, and it will automatically be converted into 3D. Then add this 3D text on top of any video.

Motion Mockups

Put your designs inside real footage videos, and make it look as if it’s part of the scene. These mockups use motion tracking technology which makes your design move along with the video footage.

Viral Meme Videos

Put your videos inside of meme frames where you can add your own text and animated emojis.

Sketch Videos

Turn any video into a realistic pencil sketch. Just drag your video inside a placeholder and it will automatically get the pencil sketch effect applied to it.

Play Video
Play Video

Horror Videos

Create horror or supernatural themed videos. For this example a client needed a short intro for their supernatural podcast, and I created this video for them. You can create something similar.

Golden Text Videos

Make your videos shine with golden text animations. Type in any text you want, using any font, and then add this text on top of any video, image or solid color background.

Play Video

Particle FX Videos

Spice up your videos with bright particle FX. Make your videos look magical and shiny. Add these particle FX on top of stock videos, text, logos, etc..

Text Essentials

Sometimes you don’t need fancy animations, so I’m also including simple “text essentials”. These templates create clean and simple animated text which is great for almost any type of video you’re trying to create.

And much more...

People can create pretty much any type of video and they get ready to go templates for all these different videos…

USP – How is it different from other video apps?

With so many different video apps already out there, why would someone buy this one?


Huge variety of different video types:

The sheer amount of different video types you can create is very impressive. You can create everything from promo videos, fancy slideshows, 3D animations, explainer videos, and much more… all from one interface. You’ll get editable templates for all these different video types.


Very high quality:

Drag & Drop Video templates are really high quality and polished, and the videos you can render look sharp and professional. Just like something you’d create in a high-end video editor such as After Effects.


Fully edit and customize everything:

Some other video apps come with templates that lock you into specific color themes, with specific images, fonts, music tracks, etc.. With Drag & Drop Videos you get full control – Add your own images, use any fonts you have on your system, change the colors, add your own music tracks or voice overs (in any language), and much more. You’ll get a fully featured video compositor to edit everything.


Combine, re-arrange, mix & match:

This is the biggest thing that makes Drag & Drop Videos unique… The ability to combine different templates together – combine real video footage, with explainer scenes, with 3D animations, with kinetic text, with logo stingers, etc..

Plus the ability to mix & match different scenes, and even individual elements within each scene, to create truly unique videos. Then arrange these scenes in any order, to create long multi-scene movies, with unlimited video & audio tracks. All within one interface.

Combine Elements From Different Templates

Mix’n Match To Create Truly Unique Videos!

If you like a text animation in one template, and you want to add it to another template, you can do that. If you like a transition in one scene, take it and add it to another scene. Or go crazy and combine multiple scenes and templates into one. Like I did below…

Add 3D Characters To Real World Locations (use with ANY video footage)

For this scene I took 3 different elements from the package, and created this hybrid scene.

  • 3D Character Animation
  • Live footage video
  • Particle FX Logo Reveal

Combine Pre-Keyed People With Explainer Scenes and 3D Characters

For this scene I added a Pre-Keyed person on top of a live footage video, then added Explainer Box, and put a 3D character inside the box.

Combine Video Ads With Pre-Keyed People

For this scene I took a Special Offer Video Ad and added a Pre-Keyed excited woman to it.

Create Complex Hybrid Scenes

For this scene I took 5 different elements from the package, and created this complex hybrid scene.

  • “Monitor with Hand” 3D Animation
  • Business Office stock video
  • “Smoke” 3D Logo Reveal
  • “Follow U On Facebook” social animation
  • Plus I added a spokesperson

You can do all this and much more…Combine multiple text animations, 3D animations, live videos, transitions, etc.. The possibilities are endless.

This is not possible in any other online video app (that I’m aware of). These types of complex scenes within scenes are only possible with something like After Effects… but not anymore!

To see all the features & details…

(Sales page is still not 100% finished)

Get 50% Commissions On Optimized Sales Funnel

NOTE: Funnel & Pricing might change before launch

FE: $49: Drag & Drop Videos V2.

OTO1: $67 – Deluxe TemplatesUnlock NEW Video Types & DOUBLE The Templates In Your Account In Tons Of Different Styles

OTO2: $47 – Video Addons – Customize your videos and make them look different from everyone else with: Text Animations, Transitions, Lower Thirds, Visual Effects, and more.

OTO3: $67 – Massive “assets vault” with 1,000’s graphics and video assets like: stock videos, cutout PNG photos, background images, marketing PNG graphics, spokesperson backgrounds, sound effects, etc..

OTO4: $47 – Motion Graphics Bundle – Customize your videos further with 100’s custom made motion graphics like: objects, icons, elements, emojis, checkmarks, arrows, and much more.

OTO5: $97 – 9-in-1 Bundle of previous video and graphics products.

There will also be a Bundle Deal where people can get the main product plus all the upgrades for a discounted price of $297 (plus a $50 coupon code that brings the price of bundle down to $247).

This Bundle Deal is optional and it’s up to you if you want to promote it or not. But it’s the best deal that will give your customers the most value and will give you a nice big commission for every bundle sale.

The Bundle Deal will be on a separate sales page and you can send traffic directly to this page (no webinar sign up needed).

JV Cash Prizes

2nd Prize – $300

1st Prize – $700

3rd Prize – $100

To qualify for the JV cash prizes, your commissions need to match or be higher than the prize amount. If your commissions are lower than the prize money, then your prize money will match your commissions.

Why promote this product?

JvZoo Premium Seller

I have been selling graphics related products and services for 18+ years. I’m a premium seller on JVZoo and Warrior Plus with 10,000’s of sales and very low refunds.

New Version of Proven Product

This is a brand new V2 release of a proven to sell product. This new version has brand new content not available in V1 or any of my other products. This should lead to more sales since no one bought this product yet.

High Quality

It’s a super high quality product that I spent 100’s of hours putting together. Customers will get a ton of value with this.

Easy To Promote

It’s a product that pretty much explains itself, and something that everyone needs and wants. Video creation tools are in high demand and sell really well.

Big Commissions & Prizes

There is a deep and congruent funnel in place with multiple high quality upgrades. There are also cash prizes for top affiliates.

Bundle Deal Included

Customers have an option to get the whole sales funnel + additional products with a bundle discount deal. This gives customers a lot of value, and gives you bigger commissions.

Discount Coupons Provided

Your customers will get a discount coupon for the main FE offer and the bundle deal. For the FE offer the discount is $5, and for the Bundle Deal the discount is $50.

Valuable Bonuses Provided

To give your customers more value, and to save you time in creating bonuses… I’m putting together a brand new collection of high quality bonuses that compliment the offer.

I Reciprocate With Top Affiliates

If you’re one of my top affiliates and you have a product that I think my list would love, I’ll probably promote it. And if your product is a really good fit with my list and I push it hard, I can send you 50 to 300+ sales. You might have seen my name on JV leaderboards already.

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Launching: December 10 @ 10am EST

If you promoted Drag and Drop Videos V1, this new V2 release uses a new affiliate link. So you need to request a new link even if you promoted V1 before.