Quickly Improve Any Slide or Video With
Over 500 Stunning HD Motion Backgrounds

Great for Powerpoint Slides, VSLs, Green Screen videos, and more…

Simple & Quick Tweak To Give Your Videos or Slides an Instant Makeover


One of default slides from Powerpoint


Motion Background Added

Improve any slide

If you use Powerpoint or Camtasia or Hitfilm or any other video app, most of these programs come with default “slides” or “scenes” which you can edit. One simple way to make these slides better is to change the default background the slides come with. You can completely change the way a slide looks by just changing the background.

Enhance VSLs or Any Other Text Videos

You can literally take just plain text, add one of the motion backgrounds behind it, and boom you have a cool looking scene. This is very useful for VSLs (Video Sales Letters), Explainer Videos, etc.. Basically anywhere you have some text, you can spice it up!


VSL or Plain Text


Motion Background Added

Enhance Spokesperson Videos

Make your spokesperson or green screen videos more exciting. Just replace the green background with one of the motion backgrounds.


Plain Spokesperson or Green Screen Video


Motion Background Added

Enhance Websites

Use motion backgrounds on your websites as backdrops for your headers. If your website builder allows you to add videos as a background, then you can add these motion backgrounds to your sites.

Enhance Social Graphics

Get you social posts noticed by adding some animation to them. In the example below I took a social post template from the YouZign graphics app, and added some Motion Backgrounds to it.


Social post static image


Motion Background Added

How does it work?


Choose from over 500 beautiful motion backgrounds

Waves, lines, light beams, grids, circles, swirls, hearts, earth, and more. Everything from subtle animations that blend nicely into your scene without distracting from your main message. To more intense animations that instantly grab the viewers attention.


Open your favorite video or graphics app

The motion backgrounds come in MP4 plus JPEG formats. The MP4 videos can be used in pretty much every video editing program. And the JPEG images can be used in every graphics and web editor. So you can import them into your favorite software or app.


Copy & paste motion backgrounds into your project

Within your app of choice, copy and paste the motion backgrounds into your projects. Place backgrounds behind green screen people, text, slides, logos, etc..

Over 500 Motion Backgrounds in 12 Styles To Choose From

Plus get these Awesome Bonuses

All of the bonuses below were custom created by a professional animator in After Effects, and exported into MP4 and PNG formats, so you can use them with pretty much any video or graphics app.

Bonus #1 – Clean Shopping Icons

This is a set of clean flat style animated icons that illustrate various “shopping” concepts. Use them in explainer videos, presentations, sales videos, websites, graphics projects, and more.

Bonus #2 – Empty Badges

This is a set of clean flat style animated badges. They are “empty” with no text, so you can add any text you want. Simply copy and paste one of these badges into your project and add some text on top.

Bonus #3 – Clean Modern Lower Thirds

Lower thirds help to introduce a person or what ever else is happening on the screen. They’re a crucial part of any video. This bonus will give you a set of clean and modern animated lower thirds. 

Bonus #4 – Clean YouTube CTA Buttons

Get more YouTube subscribers and promote your channel with this set of CTA buttons. They have a modern clean look, and come in different text variations, plus and empty button so you can add your own text.

Bonus #5 – Clean Flat Style Arrows

Arrows are really useful and versatile and you can use them in many different ways. Use them to bring attention to a call to action, use them as bullet points, etc..

Bonus #6 – 3D Social Media Icons

This is a set of animated 3D icons for all kinds of social networks. Show people where to find you on social media by using one of these in your projects.

Bonus #7 – Mesh Line Transitions

Transition between your video scenes in style with this set of mesh line transitions. The have a clean metalic look, and look great for any type of video.

Bonus #8 – Ribbons

This is a set of “empty” animated ribbons, ready to be added to your projects. Just add your own text on top.

Bonus #9 – 3D Film Object Animations

Clapperboard, camera, chair, lights, and more. All of these film objects are already animated and rendered and you can just copy and paste them into your videos.

Bonus #10 – 3D Gift Box Animation

This is a detailed animation of a 3D gift box floating and opening. A really cool way to present some kind of a gift to your viewers.

Save BIG Over Stock Footage Sites

You can buy some similar video backgrounds individually on stock footage sites. But they usually sell for $10 to $27+ per background.

AND the most popular stock footage site gives you a “single use” license to use the background on just 1 project. You need to pay more to use them on multiple projects.

With the Motion Backgrounds Pro bundle you’ll get 500 motion backgrounds that you can use on unlimited projects!

If you end up using just 1 of these motion backgrounds in 1 project, this product would have paid for itself. But feel free to use them in as many projects as you like 🙂

Get 500 HD Motion Backgrounds with Unlimited-Use Commercial Rights

Regular Price  $39  

Motion Backgrounds Pro


Most frequent questions and answers

No. This product is a collection of done-for-you video animations in MP4 format. Plus image version of each animation in JPEG format.

The animations are already done-for-you. All you have to do is import them into your favorite video or graphics app. You will need just the basic knowledge of how to import media into your app of choice.

No. The animations come in industry standard formats (MP4 and JPEG). So they can be used with pretty much any video or graphics app that allows to import MP4 or JPEG files.

To open and use the animations you need some kind of a video software that can open and import MP4 files. To open and use the image versions of the animations, you need software that opens JPEG files.

You get Unlimited-Use Commercial License. Which means you can use the animations in as many projects as you want. For yourself or for your clients.

Yes. There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get your money back.