Put Your Photos Into 100's Of Different Environments & Backdrops

Real world locations, abstract, VSL, cartoon, virtual studio, and more…

Thanks again for all your purchases. All of the photos in PixelPerfect Cutouts come in transparent PNG format. Which means you can add them on top of any background. What I have for you on this page is a special 7-in-1 bundle that will give you access to 7 different sets of backgrounds for the price of 1. So you can quickly and easily put your photos into all sorts of different environments. Plus use these backdrops for Spokesperson Videos, Explainer Videos, VSLs, and more. Let me show you what you get…

Backgrounds Pack #1

Image Backgrounds

This pack will give you 100’s of HD images of all sorts of real world environments like: Office, Store, Gym, Living Room, Street, House, Reception, Library, and MUCH more.

Backgrounds Pack #2

Live Footage Videos

This pack will give you 100 HD live footage videos shot in real world locations. The videos were shot with a tripod in lots of different environments like: city streets, park, waterfront, etc.. They’re great as backdrops to green screen or spokesperson videos.

Backgrounds Pack #3

Explainer Cartoon Backgrounds

If you create “explainer” or “cartoon” videos this pack will be really useful. With this pack you get dozens of hand crafted premium quality cartoon backgrounds in different locations like: bedroom, office, science lab, kitchen, and more. Take any cartoon character image and drag them into one of these backgrounds to create unique scenes.

Backgrounds Pack #4

Animated Virtual Studios

Transport yourself or any green screen spokesperson into animated virtual studios, with this pack of animated backgrounds. 

Backgrounds Pack #5

Whiteboard Sketch Backgrounds

Instead of using a solid color background in your whiteboard videos, you can use one of these hand drawn background illustrations. Take any whiteboard character and drag them into different hand drawn environments like: living room, bedroom reception, etc.

Backgrounds Pack #6

VSL Backgrounds

This pack gives you backgrounds for VSLs (Video Sales Letters). In these videos you mainly use text, and instead of having a solid color background you can add one of these backgrounds to give your videos some polish. These backgrounds have a paper texture that looks great for text based videos.

Backgrounds Pack #7

Textures & Patterns Backgrounds

This pack gives you backgrounds with all sorts of clean and modern textures and patterns. These backgrounds are really versatile and you can use them in pretty much any type of video or design project.

Commercial / Developer License

You can use these images on your own commercial projects AND projects you create for clients. 

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