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Doodle Sketch Videos (aka whiteboard videos) are very popular, and proven to increase conversions. If you’re interested in creating doodle videos the upgrade on this page is for you.

Basically I took all the best doodle graphics that I currently sell and bundled them together into this huge Doodle Mega Bundle. Since you already purchased from me, I’m offering this huge bundle with a steep discount. With this upgrade you will get 15 more BIG modules filled with 1,500+ whiteboard doodle sketch images (in vector SVG and transparent PNG). 

People In Different Poses

Business Man

Business Woman

Casual Man

Casual Woman

Weight Loss Man

Weight Loss Woman

Good Life Illustrations

Emotions Illustrations

Fear - Different Characters Set

Aspirational - Different Characters Set

Anger - Different Characters Set

Confused - Different Characters Set

Happy - Different Characters Set

Fear 2 - Different Characters Set

Love - Different Characters Set

Stress - Different Characters Set

Joy - Different Characters Set

Angry 02 - Different Characters Set

Simple Color Illustrations

This is a collection of “simple” doodle illustrations in color. They come in a TON of different categories covering all the biggest niches and topics.

  • Entrepreneurship / Startup
  • Online Business
  • Video / Audio / Podcasting
  • Shopping
  • Communication
  • Learning / Training
  • Car Dealer / Buying Car
  • Chef / Cooking
  • Weight Loss
  • Celebrity / Entertainment
  • Love and Dating
  • Cleaning
  • Computer Repair
  • Well being / Yoga / Meditation
  • Home Security
  • Family / Parenting
  • Science
  • Taxes / Finances
  • Online
  • Programming / Web Dev
  • Analytics
  • Education
  • Party / Dancing / Singing
  • Time
  • Photo and Video
  • Fitness and Sports
  • Hospital / Medical / Doctor
  • Real Estate
  • Household Items
  • And more…

Simple Black & White Illustrations


Social Media

Scene Builder & Pre-Made Scenes

This module gives you assets to create scenes for your videos. You get empty rooms, plus objects to put inside the rooms (chair, bed, window, table, etc..) So you can create your own unique scene layouts. This module also comes with pre-made scenes which you can use right away.

Build your own scenes, and than add people and all other doodle assets inside them.

Cartoony Emotions

Cartoony Man 25 Emotions

Cartoony Woman 25 Emotions


"Sketchy" Doodle Assets

Black & White Doodle Assets

"Squiggly" Doodle Assets

Detailed People

Done-For-You Videos Style 1

Skip ALL the video creation work with these done-for-you whiteboard videos for 10 of the top niches.

Business Formation


Home Security

Data Recovery







Computer Repair


Pet Grooming


Done-For-You Videos Style 2



Leaky Basement

Business Security



All this and more…

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