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Animated Text, Lower Thirds, Transitions, Overlays, Callouts, & Flash FX

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Ultimate Video Toolkit - Video Add-Ons

Why Upgrade?


Make your videos look different:

If you want to stand out from everyone else, you might want to make some changes to the templates from the main package. And this upgrade will give you tons of add-ons to easily customize the look of your videos.


Make your videos more visually appealing:

Visually appealing videos get more attention. And with this upgrade you can easily apply some style to your videos and make them more visually appealing.


Add little touches and final polish

People notice small details. Adding little touches to polish of your videos will take them to a next level, and impress your viewers. And you’ll get tons of add-ons in this upgrade to give your videos that final touch.

Let Me Show You What You Get With “Video Addons”…

Video Addons Module 1

Animated Text

BEFORE: Default Text

Spice Up Your Text

With this add-on you can easily replace the default text in your videos, with all kinds of cool text animations like: Animated Titles, Explainer Text, Kinetic Text, and more.

<< For example, the “Before” scene on the left was taken from one of the templates in Ultimate Video Toolkit. Then I added some text animations to that scene from Video Addons to make it look different. Check out examples below to see how the scene looks with the new text animations…

AFTER: Explainer Text Added

AFTER: Animated Titles Added

AFTER: Kinetic Text Added

Remix Your Videos With Tons Of Different Text Animations…

Animated Explainer Text

This is the type of text animations you’d see in explainer style videos.

Animated Titles

These text animations are great for titles, or where ever you have just a few lines of text.

Animated Explainer Text V2

Some more explainer style text animations for you to use.

Animated Kinetic Text

These text animations are really fancy, and move all over the screen in different ways.

Animated Titles V2

Some more animated titles to give you more variety.

Video Addons Module 2

Lower Thirds

Make Introductions With Lower Thirds

Lower thirds are a great way to introduce what is happening on the screen, in a subtle way. Introduce who appears on the screen, introduce different topics, etc.. With this add-on you’ll get lower thirds in all kinds of different styles from “simple” to “fancy”.

Lower Thirds In All Kinds Of Styles...

Clean Lower Thirds

Clean and sleek lower thirds – perfect for any type of video

Social Lower Thirds

Let people know where to find you on social sites.

Cloud Bubble Lower Thirds

This is a fun lower third that creates a “cloud bubble”

Stylish Lower Thirds

Some fancy lower thirds for your videos

And more...

Video Addons Module 3


Transition Between Scenes In Style

Transitions help to break up your videos into different parts. And with this add-on you’ll get tons of cool looking transitions in all kinds of different styles

Tons of Different Transitions To Choose From...

And more...

Video Addons Module 4

FX Overlays

Add Atmosphere & Style To Your Videos

Overlays can give your videos a different mood and style, with just a few clicks. You can give your videos a vintage look, or a futuristic look, or old film look, etc..

Vintage Overlays

Old Film Overlays

Sci-Fi Hud Overlays

Glitch Overlays

And more...

Video Addons Module 5


Bring Attention To, And Explain Certain Parts Of Your Video

Callouts a great way to attract attention to something specific in a video. For example you can add prices and point to a specific item on the screen (or multiple items). With this module you’ll get multiple callout templates, with editable text. And you can position them anywhere you want on the screen.

Video Addons Module 6

Flash FX

Spice up your videos and make them POP with these special Flash FX. Add them on top of any text, image, or video. Create cool looking effects just like the ones below…

Make Your Text POP

Want to make your text really POP out of the screen? Add some cool FX to it.

Spice Up Your Logos

You can also add these FX on top of logos to make sure they get noticed.

Create Action Packed Videos

You can even add these FX on top of ANY video footage. It’s  a great way to make your videos more exciting and engaging.

You'll Get Flash FX In All Kinds Of Different Styles...

Flash FX – Abstract Shapes

Flash FX – Energy

Flash FX – Smoke

Flash FX – Electric

Flash FX – Fire

And More…

Get The Video Add-Ons Upgrade For
Just a One Time Extra Payment Of…
Regular Price:  $97 

Ultimate Video Toolkit - Video Add-Ons