Grab 750+ HD Stock Videos and Images

Great for Green Screen Videos, VSLs, B-Roll Footage, and more

Thanks again for all your purchases. If you’re interested in stock video footage and videos in real world locations, then don’t skip the offer on this page. What I have for you here is a big collection of 100’s HD videos and images shot by me personally in real world locations. All of these assets are 100% custom made and not from public domain or free footage sites.

You’ll get 100’s original real footage videos and images that you can use in many different ways….

Enhance Spokesperson Videos

Put yourself or a green screen spokesperson into all kinds of real world environments (city streets, park, nature, shopping mall, and more)


Plain Spokesperson or Green Screen Video


Video Backgrounds Added

Enhance VSLs or Any Other Text Videos

Take one of the videos, lower the opacity on it, and use it as a backdrops in your VSLs (or any other text heavy videos).


VSL or Plain Text


Video Footage Added

Create Quote Videos

Instead of using a plain color or image for your quote, add a video backgrounds to make it more engaging


Quote With Plain Color BG


Video Footage Added

Choose From Tons Of Different Locations

City Streets, Parks, Nature, Beach, Ancient Ruins, Shopping Malls, And Much More…

You’ll Get 100’s Of High Quality Full HD Videos

Plus Matching Image Versions Of Each Video. Here Are Some Low Res Samples…

Save BIG Over Stock Footage Sites

When it comes to buying stock videos and images from stock footage sites, prices can vary dramatically anywhere from $5 to $50+ for just 1 video. You can easily spend $10 here, $20 there, $30 there, etc.. buying stock footage individually.

AND the most popular stock footage site gives you a “single use” license to use the stock footage on just 1 project. You need to pay more to use them on multiple projects.

With this bundle you’ll get 350+ videos and 350+ image versions of each video, for a total of 750+ stock assets… that you can use on unlimited projects!

If you end up using just 1 of these videos or images in 1 project, this product would have paid for itself. But feel free to use them in as many projects as you like 🙂

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Just a One Time Extra Payment Of…