Special 3-in-1 Source Files Offer

Create Your Own Backgrounds By Adding Any Image Or Video Backdrop Inside The Window

Thanks again for all your purchases. If you want to be able to customize the backgrounds and create your own, don’t miss the 3-for-1 source files offer on this page…

Source Files Set #1

Transparent PNG Images Of All The Backgrounds

With the main offer you got ready-to-go backgrounds with specific city backdrops inside the window (like city with trees, city at night, etc..) With the offer on this page you will get source PNG files of all the different rooms in the main offer and OTO1. These PNG files have a transparent window area, so you’ll be able to put any video or image backdrop inside the window.

This way you can create your own custom backgrounds, with a city of your choice inside the window. If your business is in New York, put an image of the New York skyline inside the window. This gives you tremendous flexibility. Create unlimited background combinations, for yourself or your clients.

You will get transparent PNG files for all the backgrounds in the main FE offer and the Backgrounds Mega Bundle upgrade. But that’s not all, you will also get…

Source Files Set #2

Create Your Own Stylish Backdrops With “Background Makers” Editable PSD Templates

“Background Makers” are editable PSD templates that allow you to quickly customize and create your own fancy backgrounds like: Open Window, 3D Room, Stage, Clean Studio, and much more. You get layered PSD source files, that you edit the with your own details. Change the images, change colors, move things around, etc..

Open Window Maker

Room Maker

And all kinds of other Background Makers…

And there is more…

Source Files Set #3

Abstract Backgrounds Editable PSD Templates

With layered effects you can turn on and off, mix and match, move around, etc..

With this set you will get 80+ abstract backgrounds in layered PSD format. Since you get layered PSD files, all of the elements you see on these graphics can be modified. You can… Turn certain effects on and off, mix and match different graphics, change the colors, move things around, resize to any size, and more…

There’s hundreds of different ways to customize these graphics. So you can use them as is, and have a nice design ready to go in minutes, or you can customize them and create your own unique designs.

Get The 3-in-1 Background Source Files Offer For a One Time Extra Payment Of…