4-in-1 Whitelabel Special

Grab Whitelabel Rights And Source Files
To Video Backdrops Pro & All 3 OTOs!

Start selling these products as your own, under your brand,
your domain name, your own order buttons, etc… You get full control!

#1: Video Backdrops Pro

#3: HD Videos & Images Bundle

#2: Backgrounds Mega Bundle

#4: Source Files & Background Makers

Creating Your Own Quality Product Is Hard And Expensive

First you need to do research and come up with the product idea. Once you have the idea you need to put together the actual product.

If you have technical skills you can put together the product yourself (which can take weeks or months of hard work). You can also hire someone to create the product, which can cost $1,000’s and still take weeks or months to get created.

Once the product itself is created you still need sales copy, graphics, website, sales video, etc.. Again dozens of hours of work or $1,000’s.

And after all the hard work and expenses you’re still not sure if the product will actually convert or not!

Skip All The Hard Work (I’ve Already Done It For You)

I already did the research, already created the product, the sales copy, sales page, sales video, etc.. I already put in dozens of hours of work and $1,000’s of dollars out of my own pocket. AND I already made sure the product actually converts by doing a small launch for it. You already bought it, so you know the sales process works. And with the Whitelabel license you can sell this product as your own and keep 100% of all the sales.

Plus with the “4 in 1” offer you also get to keep 100% of the sales of all the OTOs! And you can even sell each OTO as it’s own product. Each OTO delivers something unique, but also related to each other. So you’re basically getting 4 products here that you can resell, cross sell, use as OTOs for each, and A LOT more with the super flexible license (more on that later below). But first, let me show you what you get with each product…

Each Product Comes With Everything You Need
To Start Selling Right Away:

Sales Page & Graphics

Just add your order button and you’re good to go

You get a professionally formatted sales page, that’s already proven to convert. Plus professional sales page graphics. Just add your order button to it, and you’re in business.

Ready-To-Go Sales Video

Boost conversions with a sales video

The sales page comes with a short and sweet sales video that shows exactly what the product is all about, and samples of what customers get.

Ready To Go Graphics (With Editable Source Files)

eCover, logo, and all sales page graphics

You get all the professional sales page graphics you need to sell this product. If you want to edit them to match your business, you can do that with the provided PSD graphics source files.

Ready To Go Email Swipes

Copy, paste and mail your list right away 

This will help you to start making money right away. You’ll get the same emails I used to mail my own list. The same emails that already brought in sales for this product. Just paste your own link into the emails and they’re ready to send out to your list. Ofcourse feel free to edit the emails with your own personal touches.

Start Making Money ASAP

You get everything you need to start making money with this product as soon as possible. If you’re an experienced marketer and you have an email list, you can probably make your money back with a simple email to your list. And after you make your money back, you’ll have an evergreen money making asset which you can use in MANY different ways with the super flexible Whitelabel License…

Super Flexible Whitelabel License

Make Money And Benefit In MANY Different Ways

It’s good enough to be used in your own business. So even if you don’t intend to sell it, the product is worth the money just by itself.

It comes with a proven to convert sales page and everything you need to start selling right away. So you can start making money ASAP without fiddling around.

It comes completely unbranded without any mentions of my name, without a photo of my face on it, watermarks or links back to my brand or site. Plus you get source files so you can brand it any way you want.

You have the ability to edit the product to your liking. You can take things away, add new elements, and customize them to be just the way you want them to be.

Sell as many copies as you want. Whether it’s 1 copy, 10 copies, or 10,000 copies. This gives you a limitless profit potential. The only limit is how many copies you’re able to actually sell.

Sell the product from any website and domain you want. You get HTML files and editable WordPress template files which you can upload to any site. 

Sell using your own order button from your platform of choice. You can use PayPal, JvZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, or any other payment processor you want.

Deliver the product to your customers from what ever delivery platform you choose. I will give you full access to the product, so you get to control where and how you deliver it. If you want to keep things simple and want ME to take care of product delivery, I can do that also.

Beef up your sales funnels and make more money from your existing products by adding this one as an upsell.

I mainly sell my products to Internet Marketers on JvZoo. But there are so many other untapped marketers and networks out there.

You get full source files to everything, so you can create new versions of this product like V2, V3, V4, etc.. The core product idea is there. The editable sales page is there. You get source files to all this stuff. This makes it MUCH easier to create new versions, because you’re not starting from scratch.

You can take the ideas behind this product, combine them with other ideas, put your own spin on them, and create your own brand new variations out of all the source files.

Add more content to this product, or bundle it with other related products and charge higher prices for your bundles. For example bundle together 3-6 products and use that as an upsell.

You can break up the product into smaller parts, and use those parts as bonuses for other products. It can be products you own or even as bonuses for products you promote as an affiliate.

You can add the full product or just the content within the product to your PAID membership site. This makes for excellent content for your members.

You can take small chunks from the product (like 1-5 backgrounds) and use these “chunks” to give away as freebies to build a list. This makes for great lead generation content.

Take parts of this product, and add them to your own products to beef them up. For example in your apps, WP themes, templates, plugins, etc.. It’s an easy way to add value to your own existing products.

Yes, you can even sell the product with affiliates.

You can do almost anything you want with the product. I tried to make the license as flexible as possible. There are some restrictions in place to make sure the product keeps its value. For example you can’t give it away for free, and you can’t sell any kind of reseller rights to others (like I’m doing). You can only sell it to others with personal / commercial rights. Plus there are some pricing suggestions that I hope you follow to make sure the products keeps it’s value.

Okay, so what’s the price?

Quality Whitelabel deals usually go for $297 – $397 per product. Some go even higher. I personally bought Whitelabel rights before for $997 for just 1 product. With the offer on this page I want to overdeliver and so I’m doing a 4-for-1 special where you get 4 Whitelabel products for the price of 1. This is for a limited time, and the price might jump to $397 or $497 soon.

Get “4-in-1 White Label Rights” Upgrade For
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